Thursday, May 12, 2005

Broken Promise!

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Well, I certainly didn't blog much much from New York, but here I New York! :-)

We've been here 5+ days now. The trip here went well, we ran into some construction in PA, but otherwise all was smooth. We stopped just short of Chicago on our first day. The second day, we drove from 6 AM (adjusted for time zone) until we got here at about 10 PM! LONG DAY!

The first weekend, we relaxed with the family, including a great dinner at Susan's place, with fun and games ensuing. Monday was the day we met up with Glenn, which included a tour of the area of Yonkers that we lived. It's so updated!!! YIKES!

Tuesday was NYC Day #1. We went downtown by train and toured the Central Park Zoo. That was a whoot, with lots of great pictures, including one of an up close and personal polar bear. :-)

Wednesday was NYC Day #2. That was an all-day affair! We went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and saw Picasso's and Van Gogh's, including some very famous works! (Pictures to come when we get home.) I even got to see one of my favorites, Jackson Pollack. Then, we saw the Ed Sullivan Theater (where Letterman does his show now), Michele lit a candle in St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Mets Superstore on 57th, Trump Tower, FAO Schwarz where we bought ourselves authentic teddy bears (some with hoodies), and rested in Strawberry Fields, Central Park! Oh, and...


We were walking south on Columbus Ave., at about 61st, when we were behind these three slow guys. I'd had enough, so I started to walk around them and Michele pinched and pulled on my shirt.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Don't you see who that is?" she came back.

"No," I assured her.

"It's that actor. Uhhh, Tony...uhhh..." she was gathering.

So I look, and he looks to the side and yeah, Tony Danza! Weird! I don't even like the guy, but it was cool that we ran into THE housekeeper of the 80's! ;-)

Then, at 5, we met Chris Calabro at his building (he works downtown) and, after much squeezing, we took the subway out of the city and to his car where we then went back to his place to see the family and then to Green Apples Eatery for dinner. Afterwards, we came back here and he got to see my parents and Pam and Chrissie and we all had fun together (apart). :-)

It's now Thursday, and today is MikeBoy day! We're going to my brother's house for the day, and will be back tonight to store up for Yonkers/Cooperstown day tomorrow, but I'll leave those details for another blog. The dryer is almost done and then we need to book it!

So far, having a blast, and we have a billion pictures (thank god for that 128 MB flash I picked up) to share, but of course only a few will reach this blog. pictures of Tony Danza.


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