Saturday, April 09, 2005

Free Nuggets Tix!

posted by John Blanco @ 9:31 PM


This is weird. the Yog and I entertained Jessica and Jason tonight as we went to Lil' Ricci's for a yummy pizza night. We planned on either some bowling for D&B's afterwards, but while we were finishing up dinner, two hostesses from Lil' Ricci's came up to us and asked if we'd like free tickets for the Nuggest tonight. :-)

"Free? Four tickets?"


Well, it was 6:30, and the game started at 7, so we hustled it outta there actually got to the game only a couple minutes late! The last time I was at the Pepsi Center was for a Family Value concert over 3 years ago. Michele was last there around the same time, watching a Barenaked Ladies concert with her just-became ex. (Don't ask)

Well, the game was the game. I'm a New Jersey Nets fan, but I've never seen the Nuggets and so we had a good deal of fun. $19 seats x 4...can't argue. :-) A nice Saturday suprise.

I stare out my window now, and it's beginning to drizel. The storm is COMING! Supposedly going to get over a foot of snow in the Denver area....multiple feet in other areas!

And also, as some of you read my blog and know I'm a baseball fan...a HUGE Mets may have noticed that I haven't mentioned baseball at all yet. Well, the reason is, that in 2005 my Mets have become the laughing stock of the league. :-(

On Opening Day, the closer, Braden Looper, complete blew a 2-run lead in the 9th to lose the game. Since then, they've lost 4 more. Yep, the Mets are 0-5, and the only team in the league that hasn't won a game yet. If they lose tomorrow, they'll head into their home opener at 0-6. My god that is so sad.

The happiest game of the year, and they could be 5 games out of 1st place before they even play a frickin' home game. :-/



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