Sunday, April 03, 2005

Destiny Quiz

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Here's my answers to the Destiny Quiz...very interesting...

1) What is your husband/wife's full name (include maiden name if needed)?

Michele Mary Blanco (Ross)

2) When and where did you meet?

We met after a week of correspondence on on January 12th, 2002.

3) What were the odds of you meeting?

Well, we both had to post on Matchmaker at the same time, essentially. I found her, so it also had to rely on me deciding to write she may not have found me amongst all the desperate man-meat on the site. :-)

An old friend of mine was using Matchmaker and I'd watched her going through it on New Year's if *she* hadn't been using it, then I wouldn't have found it at that time.

So, in effect, my old friend is responsible for us getting together. Weird! Never thought about it that way...hehehe, thanks Kristin!

4) Was it love at first sight, or a fight?

Michele and I really hit it off well, but she'd been recently kilted in a 6-month-long relationship so it took her a while to feel confident in me. But, we always had a good time together and in the 3+ years that we've been together, we've only really had just one "fight." But, it was more my issues, than a fight. :-) Compare this with my big ex-relationship, where we had just one big fight -- once a day!

5) Were there ever problems in the relationship? time I effectively had broken up with her, but it was because I was having serious mental issues at the time. I needed to get away from the relationship, but I still loved her immensely. After a couple days, I realized that I wasn't interested in starting over a year or two down the road, and that I needed to fight these issues then because I had found a great girl. :-)

Michele's never had problems with me...she's too smart. I'm the jerk!

6) Were you ever close to marrying someone else?

Not really. I had one really long relationship a year prior to Michele, but we weren't close to marriage...although we were together 5+ years. Too much trauma. Aside from that, there was nothing of substance that I could report.

7) Was your spouse ever close to marrying someone else?


8) Why did you decide to get married?

We were both looking to settle down...and we were blissfully happy with each other. Best decision ever!

9) Good or bad?



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