Sunday, March 20, 2005

21 Grams: 4 Blancos

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Forgive me, blog, for I have sinned. Wow, has it been 6 days since my last confession?

It's Sunday morning, and the Yog and I are in errand mode. We have some friends coming over for some DnD-style gaming. This will be Michele's first experience with it...and I will be watching and noting in hopes of developing a future video game out of it. Innnnnnterestin'. :-)

The sodies are chilling, laundry is running, gotta vacuum, clean, and grab the newspaper outside. Much to do, much to do...

Last night, we rented "21 Grams," an Oscar-hopeful and a movie I've been wanting to see for quite some time. It stars Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn, and one of my favorite actresses, Naomi Watts (of Mulholland Drive fame). The movie was incredible, a sort of Memento-inspired, reverse-action drama. Less action. Naomi was absolutely incredible. If ya watch this movie, don't expect much comedy. An hour-fifty of serious stuff.

Earlier yesterday, we went down to Castlerock for Cinnamon's Adventure Club! It was the Yog and I, the Adron, K, Erica, Lerri, Ramon, Cinnamon, and the Grinka. We went to Castlewood Canyon and did some art as inspired by nature-artist Andy Goldsworthy:

It was a fun time. We all did our own nature art, at a much smaller scale. I think the other hikers were disturbed that there was a scattering of people walking around with leaves, rocks, etc. K had the most public demonstration, erecting a "bird's nest" right by one of the bridges that only a rockhopper could attempt.

Michele and I did a leaf trail, as did Aaron. Minka constructed a boat which she floated as we ran to keep up with down the stream. It went as far as it could go, then got sucked into a cave. I wonder how long it will stay there? :-)

Greg did snow writing, Lerri did an icicle sculpture, Adrianna did what looked like a loaf of white bread -- in snow. :-) Cinnamon had the cutest one, surrounding a little plant with equal-length leaves to make a sunflower effect. Erica made a rock-man statue.

I have pictures of each one, perhaps I'll post a few to give you an idea.

As for this past week, I've been working hard on Palm OS programming. I've got my own little version of a bare-bones structure, an Ant-based build-system, Eclipse set up as an editor for C/C++, and the system for running the emulator in place. Now, I'm studying Palm OS GUI programming. While I won't be doing much GUI stuff, I *will* be doing it, and I need to get an idea of the "feel" of Palm OS programming.

OK, well, time to run. I promise not to be away from my blogging for 6 days ever again. :-)


Anonymous Sean Voisen said...

Holy cow! It's ZaBlanc! I randomly found this hidden site through my referrer logs - I didn't even know. Hope all is well back in the old CO.

- Sean

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