Saturday, March 12, 2005

Loosen the Bra that Binds You!

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The weekend is here. :-)

Last night, the Michele's parents treated us to "Simms Street," a snazzy little restaurant with some really nice food selections. I had a half-rack of ribs, and their mashed potatoes were amazing! Michele had lobster tail.

Afterwards, we went back to their house because I was hired into labor with that meal. :-) Her dad's computer had poop'ed out (yick, there's a term for ya) and after unsuccessfully trying to ressurect the sound cand printer capabilities of the machine -- the OS had some corrupted files going on -- we spent a couple hours and reloaded the entire machine fresh. The reload went very smoothly I have to say, and everything is not only back to normal, but better than it started!

Today, Michele is finishing up the murals in the future-baby-room and I;m going to write a little code while she does so...the Texas Hold 'Em game is coming along nicely. Just the engine for now. I'll report on it later.

Another little thing that's going on...I've always had trouble swallowing pills. You see, when I was young, I was either terrified of them or my mom never gave any to me. So, when I hit my 20's, I just couldn't get used to it. Very unnatural. I've tried practicing with vitamins, but even that got hard.

So, a week ago, I bought One-A-Days's, and unlike the last time I tried this years ago, these are not "easy swallow" pills. In fact, they are "horse pills" to me. :-) Though, likely not to you.

So I've been practicing with my horse pills. One try a day, if I fail, I give it up for the next day. My record right now is 3 out of 5. Not bad, I started 1 out of 3. I found that taking them with OJ this morning was easier than with water. Hopefully, my gag reflex is getting accustomed to the swallowing. These are the biggest pills I've ever swallowed!! (Hey, no swallow jokes...)

OK, now time to code. Asta!

OH, wait, one more thing. Fans of the Randi Rhodes Show will appreciate this sound clip of Sam Seder (of Majority Report fame) singing the "Bounce Your Boobies" song as Randi did. Hilarious!

Bounce your boobies, Sam!


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