Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Town Hall Debate Observations

posted by John Blanco @ 5:57 AM


Last night was a really telling debate between Obama and "that guy." Yeah, you know, that guy. Rude, right? Well, here are my observations:

  • Obama's talk about "I don't understand" was brilliant. "You're right, I don't understand. I don't understand how we could invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11..."
  • Obama's discussion of how his mother, dying in the hospital from cancer, had to fight with insurance companies from her room. It was a great moment that I think a looooooooot of Americans can identify with.
  • At one point during the debate, McCain gives his worn out old tale of how he voted against a "bad" energy bill and, oh yeah, guess who voted for the bill? "That guy," while pointing at Barack. Extremely rude and it's getting a lot of air time this morning. (And the argument is an old one, Obama reluctantly voted for the bill because of unprecedented monies the Democrats were able to negotiate into the bill for alternative energy initiatives...and then he fought to rescind the bad stuff.)
  • John McCain attacked Barack Obama's "fines for small businesses that don't provide healthcare and Obama never says how much the fine is." This was laughable, and Barack's response was to declare that there were no fines for small businesses and after his 2 minute talk McCain jumped up and embarrassingly asked, "Did you hear how much that fine was??" Uh. Yeah, we did.
  • John McCain was asked a question about how he'd prioritize Education, Health Care, and Energy. When Brokaw called on him, he responded, "Ummm, what were those three again?" And then as Tom said them again slowly, McCain could be seen writing them down as he went along. Senile and odd.
  • Barack Obama discussed for a couple minutes health care and explained how McCain's plan included a $5,000 tax credit...but what McCain doesn't say is that we'd be TAXED on our health care for the first time ever and that money would have to be used to cover the costs. He lambasted the plan. It was great. Then, in McCain's response, he refuted nothing and then gloated about his $5,000 tax credit, forgetting Obama's grilling of it. Point, Obama.
  • McCain talked about "freezing spending" on the same night he talked about the government BUYING UP mortgages!
  • At the end of the debate, there is a really awkward moment where Obama goes to shake McCain's hand, McCain backs off, and Cindy does. Very strange. What the hell was it?
  • The moment I laughed at the most is when Obama went through a little phrasing where he said, "McCain says I'm green [sic] behind the ears and, uh, I don't understand..." and McCain decides to interject and say "Thank you!" and smiles and moves forward into the rotunda and at that moment Obama STRIKES with ... well, watch the video. :-) It was just a wanna get away moment. :-)

Bottom line, if you support Obama, last night was Halloween candy come early. Arthur, you had nothing to be worried about. :-)

Obama was declared winner by all snap polls and even Republican pundits!


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