Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Mets Are Giving Me An Anyeurism

posted by John Blanco @ 8:17 PM


Yes, I'm a Mets fan.

These last two weeks have been torturous. It's doubly so because of last year's debacle. The Mets bullpen has downright stinky. The team hasn't had a day off in 2 weeks and everyone needs a mental health day.

Somehow, we managed a comeback against the Cubs tonight to get out of the 4-game series split. That's amazing. What's more amazing that if not for the heartbreaking loss last night (Daniel Murphy was stranded on 3rd after a leadoff triple in the bottom of the 9th and we lost in extras), we could had 3 of 4.

As it stands, we did give up the game lead we had on the Brewers and so we go into the final 3-0 game series as follows:

  • Phillies host the Nationals and have a 1-game lead on the Mets for the NL East
  • Mets host the Marlins and are 1-game back of the Phillies and tied with the Brewers for the Wild Card.
  • Brewers host the Cubs (by far the toughest opponent of the three) and are tied with the Mets for the Wild Card.

On paper, you'd expect the Cubs would pound the Brewers and the Mets and Phillies would make it to the playoffs. Of course, THIS AIN'T PAPER and the Mets have played like dog crap lately. I hope, hope, hope the Phils slip and the Mets can win a title...likely with a celebration on the home field. Would make for good memories and give me some good baseball to watch. :-) But, I'm thankful we stole a win tonight and I just get to enjoy the next few games.

Though, a certain DEBATE will interrupt me tomorrow night. That is, if chicken-boy McCain even shows.


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