Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cedric Was Projecting :-)

posted by John Blanco @ 1:06 PM


So, one of those wanna get away moments. Michele and I went to Barnes and Noble last night so I could find some children's books to read. (Yes, with Eragon done, I want more, more more!) I told Michele to just run in there cause she had to use the potty, and so I took Cedric out and walked with him inside after.

We get in, and I turn right down the Popular section. I take a look at a book, and then continue walking and am holding Cedric in my arms when all of a sudden:


Cedric heaves. Oh, it was gross. It really shot out there. :-) Got all over his clothes and my sleeve and all over the B&N floor. I could make out the beets we fed him at White Fence Farm, too. ;-) Yeah, Cedric had a lot of milk yesterday and we decided to let him hold on to it while in the car. When I was taking him out of the car I had noticed he had drank it all, and wondered how much tolerance a young infant has for milk.

Quick trivia, did you know an adult cannot drink a gallon of milk in a sitting? it is physically impossible for your stomach to hold it in.

Weird, huh?

Well, for Cedric, the tolerance is much, much less. And it was gross. Poor staffers had to clean it up. I smelled like vomit for the next hour before we could shower. Mmmm, vomit.


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