Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary Set To Speak

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It's running a little a good TV drama. :-) Very, very interested to hear this. I think she'll give a goodie! It's already looking good, no McCain green screen back there. :-)

The MSNBC guys keep mentioning the Gore concession speech in 2000 as the model. Apparently, he gave a great one. I never saw it. I'll need to YouTube it or something.


OK, here it is. Even though it's 8 years ago, it's to painful to watch. But if yer interested:

Maybe later I'll take a look.

Update: A beautiful speech that couldn't have been done even better. Very graceful. I wish we could have two Presidents. I don't know, sorta like a Vice-President (hint, hint). Here's my favorite part of the speech:

You know, I’ve been involved in politics and public life in one way or another for four decades. And during those … 40 years, our country has voted 10 times for president. Democrats won only three of those times, and the man who won two of those elections is with us today.

We made tremendous progress during the ’90s under a Democratic president, with a flourishing economy and our leadership for peace and security respected around the world.

Just think how much more progress we could have made over the past 40 years if we’d had a Democratic president. Think about the lost opportunities of these past seven years on the environment and the economy, on health care and civil rights, on education, foreign policy and the Supreme Court.

Imagine how far … we could have come, how much we could have achieved if we had just had a Democrat in the White House.

We cannot let this moment slip away. We have come too far and accomplished too much.

Now, the journey ahead will not be easy. Some will say we can’t do it, that it’s too hard, we’re just not up to the task. But for as long as America has existed, it has been the American way to reject can’t-do claims and to choose, instead, to stretch the boundaries of the possible through hard work, determination and a pioneering spirit.

It is this belief, this optimism that Sen. Obama and I share and that has inspired so many millions of our supporters to make their voices heard. So today I am standing with Sen. Obama to say: Yes, we can!

John McCain. Get ready. The party is unifying and here...we...come.


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Meh...not so sure about the VP thing. But haven't watched the speech(yet)either.

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