Sunday, May 04, 2008

May State of the Union

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I'm constantly forgetting to blog my life between my political posts and my geek posts over the The RIV Developer Corner. So, here's one of those life posts. :-)

The Current May SOTU is good. It'd be excellent, but we have sad news to report. Michele's brother, Michael, has seen an advancement of his brain cancer which is now spread. The doctors are saying anything from 2 months to live, to 50/50% chance of it possibly stopping. It's kinda crazy, but we're all very well braced for the worse right now. He left the ICU yesterday and is leaving the hospital tomorrow to go to a Hospice where he can get the best care possible. Our thoughts have been with him since September when he got his diagnosis.

Aside from this terrible news, Michele and I are doing pretty good. Cedric is just the cutest little guy. :-) He's 13.5 months now, and has undergoing some changes. First, he is now starting to get a little tired of baby food. We're getting close to just stop buying it. He still loves the morning yogurt, though. Now, when we go to restaurants, more and more, we order off the kid's menu -- which is a lot of food! He prefers to feed himself as well...well, and the floor.

At work, I am starting a new project tomorrow. I'll be working directly with Adobe on a project that has me a little excited. Actually, tomorrow, I'll be doing a LOT of walking downtown as I ideate on a design for them. Prolly a good thing, I ate too many cookies today. :-)

Also today, Michele and I hosted the second Adventure Club Olympics! This one was a good one. Remember the first one four years ago?

This year's was so much better. We had each participant select a country to represent. I also put together a set of anthems to play for the victory celebrations. We had four events again, but this time we had Scattergories instead of Taboo and a Littleton Scavenger Hunt instead of Laser Tag. Both were better than their counterparts.

In the end, K represented South Korea well, winning gold in the AC Trivia and Russian Volleyball events. I won gold in Scattergories. Aaron and Adriana won gold for the Scavenger Hunt which went off very well -- not bad for our first one! And we had great weather for it, too! A walk in Clement Park. :-)

The participants this time were Me, Michele, Aaron, Adriana, K, Shawn, and Annie. I'll post pictures here soon.


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