Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Winter Day?

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It's Sunday! And no, not Football Sunday (tm), sadly, because the Broncos are off this week. It's OK, though, because we won a big game in New England last week and it's nice to have 2 weeks to feel proud for the guys. ;-)

Today is, however, the last day of baseball! Next week is the MLB Playoffs! NL East Division Champ NY Mets take on the world! Let's Go Mets!


So today is officially a Winter day. No, not *that* Winter! BILL WINTER!

Today in, oh, about an hour, I go to meet Vincen and Art (from the Winter campaign) and we're going to start planting some yard signs in the public roadways. This should be fun...there's something almost dangerous about it. hahaha...not really...but it will be a bit of a different thrill than going to people's houses.

After I get back, Michele and I, along with her parents, are going to a Bill Winter house party in Parker. Actually, it's my boss's house...and no, I didn't convert him. ;-) He's a rabid Dem as well!

So, Bill Winter will be there to give a speech and there will be other party festivities. Winter has done a lot of these as a way to get people to hear his message without having to spend $$$ booking an auditorium. It's grassroots campaigning and I love to see it from candidates.

After all, Winter can't compete with the special interest fund-raising Tancredo can do...and that's exactly why we need him OUT!


Yesterday, Michele and I went to Flatirons mall in BFE (Broomfield, actually...) to go to the Love Sac store. They sell giant beanbags essentually...though of good quality and of epic proportions.

We wanted to get one for our office. We expelled the guest bed (Sorry Chris!) from our office and instead decided we wanted to move some stuff in there...a bookshelf, some other things...but to maintain some seating area we'd throw a big beanbag in there.

Well, we got to the store and dropped a pretty penny on a MovieSac, and accidentally bought a high quality canvas to put it in. (The inset is the beanbag, the canvas is the outer part you customize). To our surprise, because we did get the high quality canvas...we were offered a GameSac for free!!

Well, this was cool cause those things are pricey. A GameSac is a MovieSac, but holds one person, not two.

Needless to say, this threw off all our plans. So now, instead of having the big MovieSac in the office, we have it down in our living room. The GameSac is in the office instead.

The next change had to do with where to put the MovieSac! After much debating, we tried removing the coffee table and putting the MovieSac there instead. To our surprise, it works really well!

Here were the advantages:

  • The MovieSac is situated perfectly in front of the TV, perfect for movie watching and gaming.
  • When on the couch, the MovieSac makes a perfect footrest.
  • When playing DDR, I merely have to chuck the MovieSac over the couch, and the play area is ready!
  • The same applies for board games, etc.

A faster DDR setup time? You know I like it. :-) I look forward to lots of sac-ilicious evenings with Michele in the future.

(Pun intended.)


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