Friday, September 29, 2006

Time To Play "Name The Pervert!"

posted by John Blanco @ 6:26 PM


Quick quiz! Who is Maf54 in this chat?

Maf54: You in your boxers, too?
User: Nope, just got home. I had a college interview that went late.
Maf54: Well, strip down and get relaxed.


Maf54: What ya wearing?
Teen: tshirt and shorts
Maf54: Love to slip them off of you.


Maf54: Do I make you a little horny?
Teen: A little.
Maf54: Cool.


It's a Republican US Congressman from Florida. Mark Foley (R-FL). He has resigned today amid the scandal. The user? They are three different high school boys.

Mark Foley is now the FOURTH Republican US Congressman to resign -- in the last year!

You can add soliciting a minor to money laundering, fraud, and larceny.

And they still claim to have the moral high ground...gosh, if only they'd just prove it.


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