Sunday, September 17, 2006


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DDR Night last night...there were about 10 of us. Things were a lot more free-form has we didn't have a formal tournament, and there was some other gaming going on. :-)

Mobat came sans Athena, but with his friend Kelly. Just one n00b. He did well!

The full list of partycomers were Me, Michele, Vincen, Patricia, Andy, Corinne, Mobat, Kelly, Linn, and Sean.

Damon, where were ya??? :-)

Michele baked cookies while the games were going on...since she couldn't dance -- though she did manage to dance to two of her favorites. There were also some Mario Kart DS games going because, for the first time ever for us, we had FIVE DS systems in the house! (Mobat, Kelly, Sean, Michele, and me.)

There was so much food: chips and salsa, fritos and dip, Patricia brought along fresh-baked banana bread, and of course the cookies. Prolly didn't help that four of us had Qdoba before the start -- but we needed dinner. :-)

As the night rolled to an end, we put the DDR away and played some 4-player Super Mario Strikers. Soccer game. Andy and I teamed up against Michele and Sean. Great fun...can't wait for the Wii version when we can go on the Internet!!!!!

I've posted some pics below. But now, it is time to devote my mental energies to the Denver Broncos and my fantasy football team! :-)


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So where is the video? I want a copy in the orginal high quality format!

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