Saturday, September 16, 2006

DDR Party Time!! Some Notes...

posted by John Blanco @ 2:45 PM


DDR Party Night III tonight! And just making the last minute preparations. But, first, we must remind ourselves how to hold a proper DDR Party. Let's consult the image above:

  1. We must make sure we don't have a 1970's carpet in the playing area.
  2. We must not do the ghetto DDR thing and tape cheap-ass $20 pads to a piece of plywood. Some DDR players swear by this -- they are also to cheap to buy a quality $50 DDR mat.
  3. Be sure the TV is not a good 2-3 feet below the player's line of vision. It's called neck injury people.
  4. Dress appropriately. A long-sleeve sweater or a nice, silk shirt are not really advised for this often-times sweat-inducing game. (Even the guy sitting down has a collared shirt, what the deuce??)
  5. Do not hold a DDR party during the daytime. Do people go to dance clubs in the afternoon -- hell no.

The snacks are out, the drinks are chilled, the DDR revelers will soon be on their way. Suh-weet.


Gonna do some yard sign distribution for Bill Winter again before the party. Getting everything out of the way so the Yog and I can relax tomorrow and watch the Broncos plays the Chiefs.

Yeah, baby!


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