Thursday, October 19, 2006

Game 7: So Close, So Far Away

posted by John Blanco @ 9:15 PM


Brutal. We got 100x more pitching than we could have asked. Oliver Perez made a case for NLCS MVP before Endy Chavez earned it on one of the most clutch, spectacular plays ever seen in postseason play.

Yet, twice with rallies, the Mets could manage nothing. They didn't get a hit after the 1st until the 9th. And with the score 1-1, the usually feeble but suddenly fearsome Yada-something Molina hit a go-ahead 2-run homer.

With me in shock on the floor behind our couch, the Mets got out of the inning and then managed a dream-like 2 singles to open up the 9th. Floyd came up to pinch-hit, and it seemed that within the next few minutes I might be witnessing a historical ending to this great NLCS.

Strike out. Line out. Strike out.

I'm in a bit of shock, but I'm OK. This isn't a team built for this year, we're going to be contenders for a while. We were dealt an unfortunate blow to our pitching staff before the postseason -- and we still made it through just fine. Sometimes you just hit a slump at the wrong time.

Great season, Mets. You were wonderful! The next time you play a game that matters, you'll have a new fan rooting for you. :-)


Blogger Michele said...

Baby Boo will be the Rally Monkey! :)

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