Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

posted by John Blanco @ 2:13 PM


OK, not that exciting. I seem to be all caught up on everything. Hmmmm.

I have no DS games to play. I solved Mario v. Donkey Kong 2...I am waiting until Nov. 14th for FF III. Until then, no DS for me. Weeeeeeeeeeird.

I have no books to read. Political books, anyway. I am busy reading tech books for various projects.

Right now, what I'm doing is learning a whole bunch of new technology. This is a continuation of stuff I've been doing for months. I am reading "Head First Servlets & JSP". I have just now finished the Servlets portion of the book. I'm taking a break now whilst I do some side project code research concerning servlets.

I've been watching football today, aside from doing some errands. My fantasy team is doing well and I look ready for a win (I'm up 31 with an RB to go versus his D and kicker.)

The Mets begin in 2.5 hours, and I will have my mental energy ready. We need a solid performance from Perez tonight (not likely) and some serious hitting (more likely). We cannot have a repeat of last night's performance or this series is done.

Now for some Ruby, hmmm...


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