Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fantasy Football III

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Yes, those Fuchsia avengers are back!

First, they were the Fuchsia Crush of 2004.

Perhaps, the worst draft in history. The top 3 picks were complete busts. Quentin Griffin exploded in week #1, then never contributed as a Bronco again. Jones and McCairens did NOTHING. Winslow was hurt after the first week!

Oh, and Calico never played. He was already hurt. Pathetic.

My best player was my kicker, Mike Vanderjagt. :-)

Second to worst team in football they were. So, then came year #2...

Enter, the Insane Fuchsia Monkey Riot!

This time, the draft was a little better...but I picked all the wrong players anyway!

With the #10 pick, I went with a QB. Big mistake! granted, it was Peyton Manning, but QB's in the first several rounds are retarded. While Peyton had a good year, I had no running attack.

I was forced to pick a RB in round #2, rather than a top flight WR -- and had to take Corey Dillon, whom I knew would have a bad year.

And he did.

My #3 pick was a disaster. Deshaun Foster wasn't even a starting RB!

The rest of the picks were also dissapointing, but I had some gems. One pick was T.J. Houshmandzadeh, whom I used as trade bait to acquire Stephen Jackson after week 1, a godsend for me!

Second, Willie Parker was a late rounder that turned into a starting RB and worked wonders for me. Awesome.

Ricky Williams was a gamble...and he only saw action in one game for me despite me having him the whole year. Great planning.

But NOW...NOW NOW NOW...introducing, the next step in Monkey Riot. Year 3!

Welcome, the Fuchsia Evolution!

The draft went wonderully today. And whilst I'll likely link to this blog next year and laugh once again, I am more excited about this draft than any other.

I went with the gameplan, after goofing up so much with my QB pick last year. First round -- a running back...and it's Lamont Jordan! He slipped a couple spots, so I got good value with him.

Then, gift of gifts, Clinton Portis! His shoulder injury scared the fantasy owners off, but I could not pass him up with the 15th pick in the draft! If he's healthy, he's basically a #4 pick at #15!

Third round, need a wide receiver. Why not -- Randy Moss!! Then Plaxico Burress! And things look rosy -- albeit some risk involved with Moss (not so much) and Portis (moreso).

But the talent doesn't end there...add a Denver Bronco, which I always love -- and it's Rod Smith to boot!

A solid QB staff in Eli Manning and Trent Green.

A Top 5 Tight End in Chris Cooley.

And the bench looks good, too. Corey Bradford of the Lions could break out this year. Marty Booker will see benefits to be being the #2 in Miami with Daunte Culpepper around...

And I got some handcufing done this year, too! Ladell Betts will be there to backup Clinton Portis.

Oh, and I also got a guy named Deuce McAllister in the 6th round. A gamble? Yes. Can it payoff? Bigtime!


Indeed, the summary of this draft is "risk." McAllister, Portis, Moss, LenDale White...they all have some risk. But, if things work out with half of them, things will look rosy for me. I've very excited this year.



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