Friday, September 01, 2006

Awwww, GOD, That Hurts Like a Mofo!!

posted by John Blanco @ 3:24 PM


OK, I survived surgery. ;-)

I had a cyst removed from my scalp. It had appeared for the first time while leaving Las Vegas (can ya hear the song?) a couple months ago.

The removal went AOK, but apparently I don't numb very well...ask my dentist as well...and I felt the stitches. Not pleasant.

So now I'm home, resting, and the side of my head hurts like a mofo.But I'm dealing.

Sorry, Vincen, I can't shower tomorrow morning. I'll wear plenty of CK One for the car, though. :-)

UPDATE: I took pictures of before and after, but in retrospective, you don't want to see it. ;-)


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