Monday, August 28, 2006

I'll Live Another Day

posted by John Blanco @ 8:44 PM


InsureWorx progress went well today. Very well. Perhaps I have a future there after all. :-)


In sad, sad news...out of the blue, I got a call from a developer at Lucas Arts -- yes, THE Lucas Arts -- about a game development position. Now, ask any geek, and they'll drool if you told them you worked at Lucas Arts.

But, yes, very sadly, after a couple emails and a couple calls, I had to turn down an interview opportunity. For one thing, it's hard work, and I'm not qualified enough to do it.

Secondly, it's in San Francisco, and maybe in another time I'd be up for it...but with baby on the way, a mortgage we want to keep, and other factors -- it's just not a good time to make a move.

And anyway, I really don't think I'd have been qualified for it. Still, it hurt to not even talk. But, I'm not going to waste time on a cold-call interview I don't have any faith in.


Also, this evening, I finished The Truth (With Jokes) by Al Franken. Another very funny book, but Al definitely hit hard with this one. His previous books focused more on the funny, while providing facts. This book pulled no punches and focused on the facts, with an accent of funny.

Very well done.

I'll next be reading So You're Going To Be a Dad for obvious reasons. :-) This book is about pregnancy and delivery. I already have a book on the first year as well. As of tomorrow, we're 200 days from the due date.

Wow, pregnancy is long. :-)


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So... what happened with the J.O.B.?

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