Monday, August 21, 2006

Double Stars!

posted by John Blanco @ 9:57 PM


Wow, it's been a while since I've updated! Where the heck have I been? Oh, just busy. :-)

OK, OK, I have to gloat, because my buddy Sean -- wait, OK, both buddies Sean -- but only M.O.B.A.T. will read this methinks, but, hey man, I got DOUBLE STARS in New Super Mario Bros. ;-)

That means that I got all the tokens in the game. You get one star for a solve. Two for all tokens. Not sure if there are three, but I'd be up for it. HA! Ultimate gamer.

Now I can finally take on FFIV. NSMB was just supposed to be a quick solve, but it became a favorite of mine. An easy 10 on the ratings scale -- SUCH a good game.

I'm also reading The Truth: With Jokes by Al Franken. I love his books and it should be a quick read. Loving it, as always, so far. (Highly recommended political book for those feint of heart.)

Been busy with work, and work. Yeah, two jobs. Wanna make something of it?? :-)

I also have surgery scheduled for September 1st. The doctor says I may not make it. ..............home by 4:30. And I likely don't need a living will.


UPDATE: And now, ohhhh, Linn is hitched. This is some drastic step just to have a dance partner at the DDR Party. I tells ya.


Also, tonight, Weird Al released his first single off his upcoming's called Don't Download This Song. Feel free to violate the rules, though. :-)

And now I'm sitting here, basking in NSMB glory, ready for bed and wondering why this silly J2ME app won't work. Hummmmph.

This just in, as well: Michele is still pregnant. ;-) She's a quarter of the way through now and luckily her nausea has tapered off. Yeah!!

OK, I just got really tired. Prolly thinking about Michele, who's of in dreamyland. :-) OK, nite all!


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