Monday, March 27, 2006

Well Color Me Happy!

posted by John Blanco @ 6:27 PM


The question is -- what didn't I love about the new InsureWorx offices? :-)

My commute was only 27 minutes. About a 10 minute reduction from the last office! That gives me more home time! I got home in the same time, which saved me 15 minutes of commuting...Instead of getting home at 4:45 every day, I can get home at 4:30. Whoo!

The shorter commute also comes with an extra bonus. It's highway miles. I should be able to reduce my gas bill, too!

The new office is pretty swank. All the cube farms are new, we have a huge kitchen with two fridges, a kitchenet, our own bathrooms, and even the scan cards are nicer -- the sensor variety rather than the slide-thru.

I can take the stairs up into the office for extra exercise, the walk to the parking garage is shorter...there's eateries in the area within walking distance including Sonic, Qdoba, Quiznos, Pudge Bros., and several delicatessans. :-)

All in all, a great new work atmosphere. It feels like I'm getting a fresh start...but I still have my 2.5 years of seniority.



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