Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mid-Evening Update

posted by John Blanco @ 5:55 PM


A lot of tidbits queueing up, so I have to unload on how things are going for me right now.

On Chess Avatara:

I just waded through "classpath hell," which is common for a Java programmer. An amazing phenomenon, classpaths are SO much better than the C++ equivalent, but there so many cases where they just drive ya batty!

My problem came with Java Web Start, and how to handle external JAR's. But I just got it working, so now time to put some effort on cleaning up the Ant files and build scheme.

On the Nets:

Biggest game of the year! If they win, they're in! Things haven't gone smoothly though in Boston. The Nets played a little lackluster, and then the Celtics put the pain on and went up by 19 points!!! The Nets immediately fireback with a 9-0 run, and after a harsh fight, the Nets came back to tie a few minutes ago...

And wouldn't ya know it?!?!??! The Nets have now gone up 11! NOW 13!!!!!!!!! This is unthinkable and a classy damn way to make the playoffs...The Nets have outscored the Celts 32-8 in the 3rd quarter. I wish I was watching it, the run is HUGE! From 19 down to 13 up, that's a 32 point turnaround in just over 15 minutes of play! Amazing.

On the Mets:

Looking sloppy. Heilman is dissapointing, and it's 7-2 Marlins now. We'll see what they can do. The Nets are the key right now. :-)


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