Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How are they still alive? :-)

posted by John Blanco @ 6:41 AM


So my former company, CorAccess, is still alive. I left them just over a year ago, when being an employee at that place was pure hell and not worth my sanity.

Since then, they lost another major cog developer. Since then, they've lost thei main Customer Service guy and instead of replacing said guy they are now trying to "avoid" calls by relocating developers. Since then, the VP of Engineering has left and has since sued the company -- he was replaced by a marketing guy: yes, a marketing guy is running Engineering!

Also, the support site which hosted forums where people could ask questions, etc. has been removed. Everything has been removed. The only way to get help is to send an email and hope to get a response.

They've lost their Logistics person with no replacement.

They were almost evicted. I believe the rent and salaries are being paid privately by the co-owner.

The man whi was responsible for the loss of focus and the impending doom of the company was made co-owner...?

And they are still alive?? I don't understand.


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