Sunday, November 07, 2004

ER and the Shittiest Week Ever

posted by John Blanco @ 12:55 PM


Yesterday, I had to take Michele to the ER! She was feeling sick and cramping all day yesterday, and around 2:30 she started vomiting, and convulsing in was very scary.

I called an ambulance it was so bad and we rushed her to Littleton Hospital. She was still vomiting when she got there and in a HUGE amount of pain. The doctors manager to the get things under control and a few hours later we got her out of there.

I'll try to post pictures if possible, all I have is some cell phone pics.

So, this caps a shitty week. Hopefully, the worst of the year. No more savings to pay for our cat defending himself, 4 more years of the idiot-blow-monkey George W. Bush, and Michele going to the ER and living on crackers right now.

Sigh. :-)


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