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Yesterday evening Michele and I made our way to a local Scrabble Club hosted at the Barnes & Noble near our house. Dragging along our giant Deluxe Scrabble box and OSPD (Official Scrabble Players' Dictionary)...

There were about 6 others there, which is a decent amount for an innocuous Tuesday evening at 6:30. After getting frappuciono-ed up, Michele and I split up with her playing Angela and me playing a woman who's name I can say, but can't spell -- Leazene?

So, it was my first "somewhat competitive" Scrabble game. Immediately, I had the same feelings of when I had my first chess game at Chess Club. We used a clock. She kept a scoresheet. (I passed on scoring for this first visit, I'll learn it later.) Very tense.

And the game will be very memorable. First of all, I scored TWO bingos in one game for the first time ever. After all my online play, it occurred on my first club game. Not bad. :-) The words were TENDING and ...uh, I forget the other. haha.

The other memorable thing was I LOST. I lost by like 70 points. Which seems ridiculous, but the woman was good. I wish I'd kept score because it bewilders me. I had an 70- and 80-point bingo, but my final score hoevered around 300. Meh?

Anyway, after that game I played a man named Keith who was really nice. Lost that one, too. Much uglier game, yet I still scored 300 and barely lost. Something seems amiss. ;-)

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and, not sure about Michele, but I'll definitely be back next month...and even more prepared! Gotta keep practicing! COME ON JOHN, STUDY THOSE TWO LETTER WORDS!


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Remind me never to play scrabble with you.


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