Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rocky Day

posted by John Blanco @ 9:22 PM


Today was a bit of a rocky day.

This morning was tough for getting out of bed. Was at the Rockies-Mets game til late last night, so it was hard to open the eyes. Cedric helped, though. :-)

A lazy morning, but highlighted by Michele's famous chocolate-covered strawberries, which we couldn't get to last night. After some dorking around and uploading to YouTube, we went to our friends' Aaron and Adri's housewarming BBQ.

We brought them what every new homeowners should have, a garden gnome. :-) Then, we went out back to meet up with some friends. Cedric enjoyed walking around the area. He's getting better and better at walking, it's amazing to see. I swear it was just yesterday when we were wondering when he was gonna finally let go of the furniture!

But, we were there with heavy hearts. We had to leave sooner than we liked to go see Michele's brother. His condition is worsening, and sadly, it's expected he might be falling into a coma soon. We were there about an hour and a half, and didn't have a chance to talk to him. He was sleeping mostly, his breathing is exaggerated and choppy, and last night he had episodes of non-responsiveness. He doesn't seem too aware of his surroundings, he hadn't eaten anything all day, and it's a scary situation for both of us.

We're still wishing for the best, but we're seeing his worst. Hopefully, he can make it through tonight and we'll give it another swing tomorrow to see what happens. Maybe he'll be feeling better.

Hang in there, Mike. Keep fightin'.

As for the rest of the very hot afternoon, the Mets lost, and there was simply nothing on TV. And, as it's 10:29 right now, I have some household chores to do before bed.

Well, better get to em. Off I go.


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