Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your Liberal Media Bias

posted by John Blanco @ 7:23 AM


Yesterday, John McCain called for expanding oil drilling along our coastlines. In an AP story, it was described by H. JOSEF HEBERT, an AP writer, as such:

McCain called for reform of the laws governing the oil futures trading market, and drew a standing ovation from his audience Wednesday when he repeated his day-old support for an end to the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling. He favors allowing states to decide whether to explore offshore waters.

That struck me as odd. An AP story noting a standing ovation to an issue so controversial and, in my opinion, an obvious pander to Big Oil. Gosh, even voters would be suspicious of this, especially, I don't know, voters in Florida and other COASTAL states.

So, doing some investigation, I wanted to find out just exactly who McCain was speaking to. Who was his audience. I found it in non-AP stories:

The message of the McCain campaign for the day is on energy, as today McCain announced that in his speech before oil executives in Texas tomorrow

Oil Executives. In Texas.

So, here's a clue. WHY would oil executives be cheering? Do you think it's because they can't afford $4 a gallon gas? Or do you think...maybe...CHA-CHING?!


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