Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are You Ready, Oregon and Kentucky?

posted by John Blanco @ 7:35 AM


Big day, today. Barack will clinch the pledged delegate vote when Oregon and Kentucky vote today. It looks like he'll win Oregon, but is predicted to get whacked in Kentucky. That's OK, he'll get a couple delegates anyway. :-)

When today is over, it's a race amongst the superdelegates. He has a very comfortable lead in that category now, but these are only "promises." The supers don't vote until August.

The people will have spoken. Hillary likely won't drop out tomorrow as there are just a few weeks until all the states have voted. But, I can dream.


In Cedric news, he is ever so close to walking. :-) He is now up to taking 10 steps or so to get between mommy and daddy. It's so cute, he laughs and giggles with every step, like it's the most coolest thing. (It probably is!) He can even stand up from the floor with no help, and walk over. He just needs a little more balance to do it consistently.

And, as a correlary, last night Michele and I were doing what we always do each evening -- playing Mario Kart Wii online. I had wrapped up 1st place in Peach Gardens (yeah, baby!) when I looked behind me. Cedric was SITTING on our END TABLE holding Michele's glass of water. WTF?! :-) The kid is barely learning to walk, but he can climb a 4-foot table.

I rescued him, and now Michele and I realize Cedric has hit an age where we can't turn our backs for a second.

That, and we're going to sell all our tables. Only bare floor for us from now on! ;-)


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