Sunday, May 06, 2007

DDR IV In The Books

posted by John Blanco @ 12:45 PM


Whew...wiped out today. Hosted by sister, Pam, this long weekend and then capped things off with our 4th DDR party, and 1st with Cedric around. :-)

There were 15 of us this time around, though I think about only 10 or so played DDR. Me, Michele, Pam, Kevin, Shawn, Colleen, Mike, Aaron, Linn, Jackie, Amanda, Brian, Mobat, Rich, and Julie. We had a blast. There was tons of food, chips, and treats and Linn was making margaritas -- which I almost spit onto the TV when I did some tough songs after drinking one up. :-)

One fun surprise was Colleen inviting a friend over who was actually a DDR freak like me. We played each other many times over the course of the night, taking on some tough songs, many in Heavy mode. We were close on them all and it was great fun. Good to know other 30-somethings are out there playing and loving DDR. I hope to play with him again in the near future!

After a long while of playing and then having our 3rd DDR tourney (Team Rich/Michele/K/Colleen/Aaron defeats Team John/Linn/Brian/Shawn/Amanda!), we busted out the Wiiiiiiiiiiii. Yes, the first Wii appearance. :-) Most of us were still around for it and we played some baseball, bowling, and tennis -- with tennis being the real crackup and Shawn's line-o-the-night, "Ohhhh, we're playing doubles!" after playing for about 10 minutes. hahah...

Here are some pics of the night...

By the way, the guy above. He plays Mario in The Legend of Zelda: A Pain in My Ass


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