Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Party Time, Sister Sister, So Long Stump, and New Vans!

posted by John Blanco @ 7:27 AM


Party week is here! :-)

This week will be a bit crazy, so there will be some blog detachment. The highlight, of course, is that my sister Pam from New York is coming visit Cedric (and say hi to us as well I think.) The early part of this week is about preparation.

One way to prepare is to get some much-needed new sneakers. :-) I got a new pair of Vans. A little lower than my usual style, but I liked the way they look. Sweet. Lost Michele at Kohl's yesterday. I think I logged about 1,000 steps on my pedometer looking for her! She was hiding in a dressing room for what had to be an hour.

Another highlight yesterday was Cedric's cord stump coming off. Fiiiiiiiinally! Michele brought him to the doctor to see about that and some blotchiness. The stump fell right off when he touched it...yeah, great timing. ;-) Cedric's 6-week birthday was yesterday...so it sure was long overdue to come off. And the blotchiness is fine, just normal baby acne...

Pam will be here from Thursday til early Sunday, but along the way we have a party! Our 4th DDR Party is Saturday night, with a little wrinkle: It will also double as a Wii party! Our little Cinco de Mayo fun. :-) We managed to scratch up about 10 people to come...I mean, come on people, free food and drinks and entertainment and a new baby to see?! What more do you want??

We're actually gonna buy a new DDR game. DDR SuperNOVA. Should be fun to hear all new songs on party night. :-)


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