Monday, December 04, 2006

Day #5 - Long Train Back To Manhattan

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On Saturday, we went on our second trip to Manhattan. This time, we went down with one of my bestest friends, Glenn, and his girlfriend who I met for the first time, Danielle.

They showed up at Pam's place at about 9. Danielle is real sweet -- Glenn got lucky. And I'm not just saying that because Danielle might be reading this. ;-)

We took the train downtown from Tarrytown ($15 per person, round-trip). We took bunches of pics on the train and then arrived at Grand Central 45 minutes later. From there, we seeked out the mecca of all happiness and joy:


We had a blast! Games, clothes, toys, etc! Everything! I bought a lot of stuff (I'd go back to get more later...) and Glenn and I had a field day. You can see my new 1UP hat in the other pics. :-) (Look for the green one.)

From there, we headed to the south part of the island, Greenwich Village, to meet up with Calabro and his girlfriend, Theresa.

(Feminist's Note: I am not referring to the ladies as "girlfriends" of the men because they are possessions. I merely use the term because Glenn and Chris are longtime bestest friends to me and I was meeting both of the ladies for the first time.) ;-)


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