Saturday, July 24, 2004

Tattered Cimbi

posted by John Blanco @ 1:10 PM


So Michele and I took Harmony and Cimbi to the vet today. Harmony is Michele's kitty, a cute Scottish Fold minus the floppy ears (but she has tiny ones). She's white with blue (the cat kinda blue, it's really gray) spots and a pink and blue (gray) nose. She's pretty cute, I'd date her if she were human. Well, if she didn't shed...

Cimbi is a dapper young gentleman. He looks like Morris the cat, except much fatter. WELLLLL, he has lost weight. He's a sleek 11.8 pounds now!! Pretty shnazzy. If he still had a kitty penis he'd prolly get lots of ladies, too! Cimbi is called a "buff tabby" because of his strong kitty limbs, and ok, he's buff-colored. And by the way, he's not a girl! (but, oh so pretty...HANDSOME!)

Anyways, we take them to the vet and besides them both needing a whole lotta dental work, Cimbi's got a little problem. Ya see, he has this habit of trying to bite off his tail. He's gnawed thru his fur right where his tail (huh huh, tail...) meets his buttocks (huh huh, meets...), and now he's got some scars. The vet said it's no biggie, i.e., not cancer, but he recommended a cone head!

So, my little Cimbi, has to wear a cone on his head to keep him from scratching. Could be a week, could be longer. We already have pictures! I'll try to post them when they get developed...MUA HA HA!!!

Signing out. Late. Piece. One. Check ya'.


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