Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DDR Night @ The Blancos'

posted by John Blanco @ 5:23 PM


On Saturday night, Michele and I hosted a DDR night. What fun! :-)

We catered in Quiznos for dinner, Michele baked cookies, Anthony brought from-scratch cinnamon rolls, and there was plenty more to eat. It started at around 4:30 when Vincen and Patricia and Anthony and Sarah arrived.

We started with some practice. Anthony and Sarah had some experience, but Vincen and Patricia were deer in headlights. ;-) They started off stiff, but man oh man, by the end of the night they were cruisin'!

The rest of the group showed up at around 5:30, way ahead of schedule, and we all ate and chattered away before we were ready for more practice. Kevin, Shawn, Adria and Aaron picked things up pretty quickly -- and the tourney was ready to begin! Mobat and his girlfriend, Athena, showed up just as things kicked off, and we were off!

I've included some pictures from the event...a lot of them were butt shots because there wasn't much room for pictures between the players and the TV, so out of respect them I won't publish them FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. ;-)

If you've never played DDR, you are missing out on a heap of fun. :-) We just ordered some good quality mats and they are on their way! Can't wait to play this weekend!


And that is all for this blog. :-)


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